Sunday, July 28, 2013

tot for the day (28 jul 2013)

There are a few common traits for the winning traders I have seen and read about.

  1. Almost all the winning traders are not egomaniacs they are flexible to what is happening with price action.

  2. They are very good students of the markets and understand historical price action.

  3. They focus like a laser on their specific methodology and are experts at it.

  4. They believe in what they are doing with an almost religious fervor, they KNOW that what they are doing works.

  5. They have nothing to prove to anyone they just trade their method.

  6. They are life long learners always trying to improve and grow.

  7. They have rules they follow.

  8. They only trade a predetermined watch list.

  9. The winning traders always remove the risk of ruin with stop losses and position sizing.

  10. They don’t fight the market when wrong, they cut their losses and move on to their next trade.