Wednesday, July 10, 2013

questi0n and answer: from facebook (10 jul 2013)

Hi Boss, I'm an avid follower of your blogs.. Have read all your indicators/habits/decision making stuffs.. just wanted to ask where i can attend seminar or get someone who can teach me about technical analysis? 

i wanted it to be as simple as yours..

becuase currently I already have 20% realized loss of my capital.. i'm only at my 2nd month in the market thats a huge blow for me.. that's why i wanted to make it right this time so i can recover everything that ive lost

btw, JFC is one of my favorite stocks thats why im reading your blogs

my reply:

tnx for ur kind words ...

i myself have not attended any of those "for-pay" technical analysis seminars .. the only formal sit in seminar i attended were those conducted by citiseconline which they regularly schedule for their clients .. the ones i attended were conducted by mr. juanis barredo .. the analysis i do in my blog i just gathered from the books and online articles i have read ... it works for me and my style of trading ... the seminars now that we have in the market are mainly basic and comprehensive .. basic and comprehensive in the sense that they are geared for those who are still uninitiated and are still looking for their own trading style ... so these seminars are ok ... i have nothing against them ... as for seminars on my kind of technical analysis ... im afraid u wont find anything pa being conducted ... i am not conducting "seminars" like the ones now in the market ... but u can always chat me for stock market questions in yahoo messenger and skype if u want or just leave ur messages here in facebook .. my ym is: .... my skype name is: xxxxx ...

i have jfc also .. but im mainly featuring jfc in the blog just to illustrate my trading style .. one can just follow how i trade jfc using the macd histogram and stochastics indicators ... and apply these in trading other stocks .. ganun lang ..

tnx also for reading the blog ...

great trades! good times!