Sunday, March 10, 2013

stok tots: another blog reader's message (10 mar 2013)

a blog reader from finance manila writes:

Maraming Salamat Monsieur xxx
Now I know it is a real Ostrich that could make you rich :D 
And I have to subscribe to COL na nyan. 
Speaking of Ostrich, saw it with CPG but as you said medyo sloooow..Had to lighten up and bought some SMDC instead.  Looks like a reversal to me. 
While you took profit with SM, I took profit from AGI naman for the reason that the chart shows divergence. However, 20 should still be a good support.Don’t you think so?
Am only starting to taste some profit since my break-even last month.
Hope market can sustain itself at a dizzying height. 
Keep those charts coming :D 
Once again, MERCI BEAUCOUP :)
Take Care, xxx

my reply:

monsieur ...

reading this last pm of yours was quite a treat to me ... good to know ur doing fine with ur trades ... 

regarding the "ostrich" ... if u look at the ostrich ... more often than not .. u will already find any stock at its bottom ... this makes u have the confidence that .. barring any bad news or change in company fundamentals .. the stock price is about to turn up .. thats the inverse ostrich .. thats when the histogram (or the ostrich head), after kissing the ground .. has just turned direction ... thats the time to consider taking an initial position on the stock .. just buy small .. then add as the price goes up (u also move up ur trailing stop) ... as u attain breakeven point (inclusive of all buy and sell commissions already) .... it should be a less stressful watch na until u sell ... this is my simple trading system

sori .. i dont use "divergences" ... thats an added consideration which just makes me more confused (my brain's capacity is just small .. hehe ... actually .. it is just too much voodoo for my taste) .. i just let the stock tell me if its time to sell .. thats when my trailing stops are hit .. quite simple .. (refer to: when do i sell?: )

i sold sm just to raise cash .. il be buying it bak also shortly ..

agi .. is my reserve .. just like sm and gtcap .. ill only sell them when i need more cash for buying when an opportunistic trade makes itself available) .. agi, sm and gtcap will be my core stocks (possibly mpi also later).. .. where i park my cash .. until ill need the cash again for something to buy .. 

im sori i wont be able to include charts in every stock monitoring post ... including charts in the post is quite time consuming (im just starting to get acquainted with the chart capture software u see) .. so i just pick a stock where i also feature its chart .. so that i can make more posts everyday .. otherwise .. ill only be able to finish one post per day <sigh> ... 

anyways ... i will always try to make my posts as useful to the reader as it is to myself (he he .. it is still a selfish endeavour on my part .. my blog is really meant to assist me in my daily trading .. if it benefits others .. well .. so much the better)

okies .. enjoy the remainder of the weekend ..

tnx again ..

p.s. there is no need to open a citiseconline account .. the pse website also has these chart features .. except for the green and red arrows for the buy and sell signals generated by the macd signal line .. sanayan lang yan .. the pse charts are already ok ..