Thursday, March 28, 2013

today's log: ffi, mbt, sm,agi, gtcap (28 mar 2013)

my trades yesterday 27 mar 2013

1. i sold my remaining ffi's ... it was not an optimal trade .. it was not a trade done at my own leisure .. ideally .. i should still have been waiting .. either i could have posted at higher prices (since it is obvious the stock is being manipulated .... the manipulator is buying it up so that those unawares will post at the bid side and once the bid side gets a lot of bidders ... the manipulator dumps his load) .. or i could still have waited until the ex-stock date nears ...

but i did not have the time to wait ... i had to sell my ffi's .. why? read on ..

2. i added a few more mbts ... the price action these past days is my signal to add more mbt .. seems more people are riding on the "stock play" bandwagon

p.s. 2 blog readers chatted me up yesterday in ym asking me why i sold my gtcap's (one even tot i was joking) .. i reminded them about my blog post; when do i sell? ... there was a speculative opportunity present (the 30% stock div of mbt)  and i had no more cash left ... so i sold all my sm's, agi's and gtcap's to raise a small sum to load up on mbt ... eventually .. ill also sell my mbt's and buy bak my positions in sm, agi and gtcap ... hopefully their prices have not gone up much by then ... in essence .. im betting that agi, sm and gtcap wont rise 30% while im holding my mbt's ... im anxiously crossing my fingers

i consider mbt right now a speculative trade which i dont recommended to others (well, i dont really make recommendations .. period) ... im just simply gambling in this trade .. trader beware!

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