Wednesday, March 27, 2013

more pm's (27 mar 2013)

id like to share two more pm's i recently received from a finance manila member ...

1. Hi,

Thank you for answering my question. Ako yung mukhang chinese.

I also bought pckh, thanks for the tip. oo nga maliit lang dividend nila, pero like you hold lang ako kasi tataas din.

baka pwedeng konting hint sa oxox na stock your accumulating, kahit konti makasabay ako =)

Marami na ako nabasa na trading style.  Yng style mo na pag read ng change in histogram sa chart, suited me kasi easier to understand.

Napansin ko you do a lot of research, baka I could help you sa iba (assistant) and at the same time I'm also learning it.  hope you consider, really like to learn under you.

Thank you

My reply:

the histogram trading "style" is not 100% perfect since there is always the possibility that it was a false bottom and that the stock may still go down .. thats y i always have a cut loss below the support level and i only buy 1/3 or 1/2 of my intended position to minimise my loses if the histogram entry proved wrong ...

the oxox stock is really a gamble and the pssibility of it not moving for a long time is there .. it is highly illiquid .. and i would only recommend it to my enemies hehehe ..

u can always send me pm's or u can chat me online sa yahoo messenger if u like .. if and when im online .. my ym is .. xxxx .. just mention ur fm username

2. Hi,

Will add you on my YM.

I have another question, how did you learn to read Financial Statement?

Thank you.

My reply:

i learned by actually reading the financial statement

and i ha<d> 3 units of accounting 1 in summar class in college ... hehehe  .. got inspired by my teacher then .. the byutyus ms. ana parco of upjpia .. accounting summa cum laude and <just fresh> cpa board topnotcher ... accounting 1 was among the subjects that i got a "1" on in school .. yabang no :lol: