Saturday, March 23, 2013

stok tots: the chart indicators i use (23 mar 2013)

in the Ninja Stock Monitor, the following chart indicators are used:

vol: volume 
macd: moving average convergence divergence 
macd histogram
macd histogram direction
sts: stochastics

in order for readers to have an idea of what these indicators are, what they mean, what are their uses including here the links (just click on the questions in red) to articles in the investopedia and websites that discuss these indicators  (im supposing that technical analysis experts (TAE) consider investopedia and stockcharts to be credible sources of trading info ...

1. what is volume?
2. what does the macd mean? i use the (12, 26, 9) parameters
3. what is the macd histogram? 
4. what are macd histogram directions: simply .. its either up, down or unchanged 
5, what are stochastics? i use the (15,3,5) parameters

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