Tuesday, July 5, 2016

stok tots: a question about SSI (05 JULY 2016)

a question from a reader in fInance manila this morning:

Sir shoyu,

What is your target price for SSI?

I got in @ P3.34.

Is it still cheap at these prices.

I would appreciate any feedback.


my reply:

i dont have target prices for stocks ...

what i do is i have stops ... i sell when these are hit ... so like for example .... when you bought ssi at 3.34 (i assume you bought it yesterday) .. my cut loss would be a little below 3.17 (its lowest that day) .. so mga 3.15 cut loss ko ... now it went up 3.50 ... my stop loss would be a liitle below 3.43 (3.43 yun lowest nya today) so mga 3.40 ill sell na if it is hit ... 

habang tumataas .. you adjust the stop loss ... you sell when the stop is hit ... you dont adjust the stop loss down ... when the price goes down to the stop loss point .. i sell .. no ifs nor buts ...

as to cheapness .. im a trader .. so wala cheapnees sa akin or mahal ... i just look at the chart and trade the chart ..