Thursday, July 14, 2016

question: what about pxp? (14 JULY 2016)

a question this morning from a finance manila reader:

HI Boss Shoyu

How do you find the chart of PXP? Still with uptrend? First time to enter a speculative stock. But willing to hold for longterm. Was able to enter on Jul 12 @ closing of 4.70

Thanks for sharing

my reply:

if your willing to hold pxp for the long term .. just be warned that you must consider your money in pxp as 0 na ... it is a speculative stock .. so di mo alam talaga ano mangyayari long term ... so you just say bye bye na sa pera mo ..

short term ... i think the west philippine sea/south china sea thing has already been inputted na sa price ... well baka meron pa in the coming days but it depends na sa sentiments ng mga tao ... so the chart really depends on where the people will trade pxp ...

the next play would be on what pxp will do .. will it start drilling na for oil or what? .. but thats for the next play .. it may do so .. kelan? ... ewan ko .. hahaha ...

ive day traded kahapon si pxp from 5.10 to 5.50/5.49 ... tama na sa akin yun .. wont go bak to pxp in the meantime ... kahapon lang kasi the reward to risk is too good to pass up kaya bumili ako sa open ...