Tuesday, July 5, 2016

stok tots: a question on HVN (05 JULY 2016)

i received a private message from a reader of finance manila this morning:

Hi Shoyu

I just read your blogs regarding market trends and maybe you could give us an insight regarding a specific stock.

I have invested some large money over the said company (HVN) and was wondering if you could give me an insight since I am on a big loss right now as its plumming down.

My current average remains at 23.00 per share and I am really worried if i should sell my shares already. loss about 250k and plumming down right as of this moment.

I hope you could read my e-mail and give your honest insight regarding this.

Thank you and may God bless you.



my reply:

mr. XXX:

ave. of 23 ??????? e 23.10 yung high nito??? wow!

well first of all ... this: 

nobody knows the future .. nobody knows what will happen tomoro ... nobody knows what will happen to a stock a day .. a week .. a month .. a year from now .. anybody who says otherwise is a plain con man ok?

so .. this:

i dont know your circumstances in life ... but from what i can gather .. you are rich .. so 250 thousand is peanuts to you ...

so off hand .. the obvious answer is .. do not do anything .. if you can spend a lot on a single stock .. a 250 thousand loss is nothing to you ... so chill ka lang ...

the most sensible answer is .. sell everything and start anew ... obviously your a newbie .. otherwise you wont have the most stupid mistake a trader can commit .. buy at the top ... (i still commit this mistake .. so pareho lang tayo ... hahaha)

but ... to me .. since i dont know what will happen tomoro ... what i can advice you is this: sell half of your hvn so that you can start with that money and buy another stock and trade with that .. and hold on to the other half of your hvn and hope (hahaha .. im advising hope! tsk! tsk! ) ... 

now for a short sermon:

stay away from playing speculative stocks from here on .. lalo na kung IPO .. it can be a DD and it can zoom pataas .. e paano kung tulad nyan? .. haaay ... 

stay with blue chips for now .. buy low ... sell high .. mejo matagal nga kung tumaas .. pero at least tataas .. hindi nga sigurado din tataas .. but if you start when a stock is at its bottomest .. where can it go but up? (kung paano .. well thats another topic all together)

i hope your not offended by what i wrote ... but i hope you will consider my short sermon ... 

you can grow rich in the stock market .. but you have to be patient and work hard on it ... thats the way i did it ... for 25 years now ... and still getting richer!

good luck!